Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Bike poem

The wind was blowing in my hair as the autumn sunset glowed on my face. 

I felt free, as if I was on a adventure.

Rust coloured leaves were slowly falling in front of me as the dying grass was swaying at my side.

Happiness and excitement flows through me as I go faster.

It felt as if I was flying through the bright sky.

All the colours swarm together as I flash by.

I hear birds chirping as the sun slowly sets into night.

One of the rough leaves grazes my skin as I bike.

I see the sky setting into blue, orange and purple as I bike home.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Holiday ABC

A: All nighter watching YouTube 
B: Bowling with family
C: Cuddling with my cat
D: Dodging cows
E: Exploring mountains with friends
F: Falling down a steep hill 
G: Gathering items to keep
H: Hauling a heavy bag
I: I went on a walk with Lucy 
J: Jumping across creeks 
K: Knitting with my mum
L: Listening to music 
M: Movies with my family
N: Neutralised the enemy 
O: Opening the gate
P: Played basketball 
Q: Quest to get to a cabin in the hills
R: Reading books
S: Staying in the house
T: Tracking something rear
U: Underestimated my big sister
V: Visitors visited the house 
W: Watching Dan and Phil on youTube 
X: Xmas list ready 
Y: Yelling in the house
Z: Zoo exploring

By Summer and Niko 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Spread happiness

From a frowning face to a happy face, that magic could be made by YOU!

I know some people in this room will not be happy with what they are doing at the moment, some say they are sad and should be left alone, but I need all of the happy people in this room to help me and spread the happiness to them there's enough to give out so why not.

We've all got to make a change even if it's in little baby steps it doesn't matter because any little change will help.

I remember when my best friend left my school, I was sad and had no friends, there was never a smile on my face there was just a frown,but people helped me out they came along and said that they would be my friends.Since then they are still here for me and help me out no matter what the problem they still use their magic and put a smile on my face.  

If you ever see someone that's sad at school or at a family reunion, help them out say a joke maybe like “why didn't the skeleton go to the disco?”, “because he had nobody to go with” yeah okay I know terrible joke.

If the jokes don't work you could give them a compliment um like um I LIKE YOUR FACE HOLE!! okay maybe not say that, better option say I like your smile, hair and shoes? I don't know.

You could write them a letter like a real letter on paper! and give it to them! 

Even giving them a hug all hugs help no matter what they look like or feel like.

Okay this one might sound weird and cheesy but why not put sticky notes on their desk that have quotes and positive things written on them like, “you look nice today don't let other people get you down” or “smiles are like yawns they are catchy”.

A quick quote from Instagram  “use your smile to change the world but don't let the world change your smile”.

So stand up be strong put a smile on your face and don't give up everyone has it in them no matter the colour of your skin, gender, age it doesn't matter I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Discovery Time Reflection


Today at Discovery Time I made more music on garageband with Lucy.

A struggle for me was that when we were about half way through Lucy wanted to do something else so I was by myself and that I was supposed to do it with Sairusi and Ollie but Sairusi forgot his I pad and Ollie wanted to do taekwondo.

Something positive for me was that I was able to make more music.

Something new that I learnt is that there is this thing called FX and it is like sound effects it is really amazing because you can make it reverse and make it go all static.

A person that stood out to me was Lucy because she taught me how to use FX and challenged me to use only ten music blocks to make the best song even though it wasn't.

Next week I am going to draw because I would like to do something different instead of GarageBand because I have been doing that for the past two weeks.

Overall I am happy with the songs I made and who I did it with.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Proud writing

It was near the end of the year the hall was filling up as performers were getting drenched in make up. I was walking around shaking with nerves. Kids assured me it was all going to be fine. When it was time to go on I walked pass the hall in silence. I could see the hall Crammed with people anxiously waiting. I stood in the back waiting patiently for my turn. The music started the lights reared for the kids on stage. When it was my turn I lined up in my position and walked on stage. I could see my mum and my sister gazing as we started singing when they saw me they urged me to smile when we had finished the song ended the lights dimmed and we walked off stage. The end came like speed. Everybody lined up in how we practiced. The song started like an engine at a race. All the kids walked on and started singing. A smile spread across my face like butter on toast.
As the song ended it was replaced with clapping and cheering.
As the night came to a halt we all  couldn't stop smiling.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Camp writing

Darkness surrounds us and fences us in.

I evolved as I leapt away from the darkness and into the light of the kitchen.

 Kids scattered from the field and piled into the kitchen.

The  dim room flickers of candlelight as the cake arrived to the room.

The Iced cake was slobbered over the side of the plate.

The bellow of kids singing fills the room and echoes.

As I blow out the candles, the aroma of smoke swept through the room.

I cut open the cake as i took the first piece out the icing fell into the gap that it left.


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Memorial garden

The sad sound of people crying surrounds me
I watch mournful tears hit the ground softly.

Old dead grass waves in the icy cold wind.

The smell of scented candles  fills the air as they burn.

I stand in the crowd of overwhelming cries and I think of my lovely cousins that have passed on.