Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Water testing process

Water monitoring process

This term in  my classroom we are testing water and learning about invertebrates.

Firstly I checked  the turbidity, because the more clear the water the more healthy the water is. Turbidity is how clear the water is ,the worst is 40, it means that you can't see through the water ,the best can be 9 , that means that I can see clearly through the water ,over the past few days it has been 9.

Secondly I checked  the temperature, because if the temperature is over 16 that means that there will not be any invertebrates living in the water. The first day it was 14.c and that means there were invertebrates in the water, the next day the temperature was 9.c that also means that there would be invertebrates in the water, on the final day of testing the temperature was 22.c that means there would not have been any invertebrates in the water.

Thirdly I checked  the weather conditions the first day the water was muddy because it had been raining in the last 24 hours, because if it has been raining the mud can lift up from the bottom of the river from the power of the rain drops. The next day the water was clear and that was because it had not been raining in the last 24 hours, and the reason of the clean water is as soon as the rain stops the mud at the bottom of the river will start to settle again .  

What I have learnt is that to keep the  water clean is to not litter, and don't keep the water running otherwise the seawater  will  reach the water pumping station and they will have to shut it down. 

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  1. I am very impressed by the effort Summer has put into this