Thursday, 6 August 2015

My reflection of the term

What I learned last term is if you litter you would be hurting the environment of invertebrates and other living things habitats, and if people keep on littering eventually the whole food chain will wipe out. But what I did to try and stop this from happening was stencilling in front of stormwater drains, and the stencil said “Drains go to Rivers and Streams, Rain Only” Other people did different things like poster, signs, ‘kahoot quizzes' and riparian planting. I know this is Working because I can not see any rubbish near or  the around drain but there is still rubbish around the school but I think it will decrease in a few years, I think although there is a lot of rubbish I hope we can all pitch in and get the rubbish out of the school in 2 years.

We also had to learn about a living animal and I had choose the Longfin eel, the most interesting about the Longfin eel was that they swim about 5000 miles out of Christchurch to Tonga just to lay their eggs and once the eggs have hatched they swim 5000 miles back to Christchurch, I find it a bit weird that they are able to find there way back to Christchurch.

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