Monday, 2 November 2015

Hiding spot

Hiding spot 
I ran down the hallway and into my room. I slammed my bedroom door shut. It fell silent . I could hear the whispers of counting 10... 9... 8 ...just then I thought of the best hiding spot. I dropped as quickly as I could. I slithered underneath my bed it was dark and gloomy like a forgotten underground cave.

I could smell the old dusty boxes crammed with all my memories of my childhood. 3 ...2... 1...ready or not here I come!! my best friend summer was in. Me and her little sister Libby were in very good hiding spots. summers little sister was squished behind my piano.

I was in the ultimate hiding spot. under my bed just then I heard summer walk into my room. I squished down as far as I could like I was disappearing into nothingness. I could feel something crawling over my leg. I got ready to scream. But then I thought if I scream I would give away my hiding spot I saw her feet inch closer and closer it was so quiet you could hear a mouse peep. Then my heart took over my Breathing.

Then there was a sound in the lounge summer was gone I could breath. “found you” I heard summer get Libby. It was about 12 minutes later and she still hadn't found me.

 The minutes went on and on. I was waiting for the sound of I give up but 20 minutes later nothing. I started to tremble and my breathing took over my heart beat but still nothing just then they walked into my room. 

I saw them crouch down like a cat getting ready to pounce on its prey they had finally found me. after nearly half an hour. long game I said they agreed.

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