Sunday, 3 July 2016

Proud writing

It was near the end of the year the hall was filling up as performers were getting drenched in make up. I was walking around shaking with nerves. Kids assured me it was all going to be fine. When it was time to go on I walked pass the hall in silence. I could see the hall Crammed with people anxiously waiting. I stood in the back waiting patiently for my turn. The music started the lights reared for the kids on stage. When it was my turn I lined up in my position and walked on stage. I could see my mum and my sister gazing as we started singing when they saw me they urged me to smile when we had finished the song ended the lights dimmed and we walked off stage. The end came like speed. Everybody lined up in how we practiced. The song started like an engine at a race. All the kids walked on and started singing. A smile spread across my face like butter on toast.
As the song ended it was replaced with clapping and cheering.
As the night came to a halt we all  couldn't stop smiling.

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