Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Discovery Time Reflection


Today at Discovery Time I made more music on garageband with Lucy.

A struggle for me was that when we were about half way through Lucy wanted to do something else so I was by myself and that I was supposed to do it with Sairusi and Ollie but Sairusi forgot his I pad and Ollie wanted to do taekwondo.

Something positive for me was that I was able to make more music.

Something new that I learnt is that there is this thing called FX and it is like sound effects it is really amazing because you can make it reverse and make it go all static.

A person that stood out to me was Lucy because she taught me how to use FX and challenged me to use only ten music blocks to make the best song even though it wasn't.

Next week I am going to draw because I would like to do something different instead of GarageBand because I have been doing that for the past two weeks.

Overall I am happy with the songs I made and who I did it with.

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