Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Spread happiness

From a frowning face to a happy face, that magic could be made by YOU!

I know some people in this room will not be happy with what they are doing at the moment, some say they are sad and should be left alone, but I need all of the happy people in this room to help me and spread the happiness to them there's enough to give out so why not.

We've all got to make a change even if it's in little baby steps it doesn't matter because any little change will help.

I remember when my best friend left my school, I was sad and had no friends, there was never a smile on my face there was just a frown,but people helped me out they came along and said that they would be my friends.Since then they are still here for me and help me out no matter what the problem they still use their magic and put a smile on my face.  

If you ever see someone that's sad at school or at a family reunion, help them out say a joke maybe like “why didn't the skeleton go to the disco?”, “because he had nobody to go with” yeah okay I know terrible joke.

If the jokes don't work you could give them a compliment um like um I LIKE YOUR FACE HOLE!! okay maybe not say that, better option say I like your smile, hair and shoes? I don't know.

You could write them a letter like a real letter on paper! and give it to them! 

Even giving them a hug all hugs help no matter what they look like or feel like.

Okay this one might sound weird and cheesy but why not put sticky notes on their desk that have quotes and positive things written on them like, “you look nice today don't let other people get you down” or “smiles are like yawns they are catchy”.

A quick quote from Instagram  “use your smile to change the world but don't let the world change your smile”.

So stand up be strong put a smile on your face and don't give up everyone has it in them no matter the colour of your skin, gender, age it doesn't matter I BELIEVE IN YOU.

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