Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Holiday ABC

A: All nighter watching YouTube 
B: Bowling with family
C: Cuddling with my cat
D: Dodging cows
E: Exploring mountains with friends
F: Falling down a steep hill 
G: Gathering items to keep
H: Hauling a heavy bag
I: I went on a walk with Lucy 
J: Jumping across creeks 
K: Knitting with my mum
L: Listening to music 
M: Movies with my family
N: Neutralised the enemy 
O: Opening the gate
P: Played basketball 
Q: Quest to get to a cabin in the hills
R: Reading books
S: Staying in the house
T: Tracking something rear
U: Underestimated my big sister
V: Visitors visited the house 
W: Watching Dan and Phil on youTube 
X: Xmas list ready 
Y: Yelling in the house
Z: Zoo exploring

By Summer and Niko 

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